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The death of my PC

2012-10-13 08:27:54 by GrudgyGrunt

Two days ago, my current PC (The good one) had been shut off without a reason in the morning (My first assumption was a power failure), it desperately tried to cling to life as it repeatedly tried to start itself up and then got shut off over and over, i shut it off on the fourth time it restarted and thus, i smelled burnt rubber. I listened closely and heard a slight bussing and melting sound, i looked behind the PC and it was covered with a light caused by minor flames and sparks, I dragged out all of the cords, hastily. The energetic sparks were the only thing that ended instantly, the fire kept going but not as much. In a good 3 minutes it was fine, the computer however was not.

I probably wont be playing, animating or be active for a good few months. However that'll give me a chance to be more social and outside. Just like the last time my PC went wacko, I'm using my sisters Laptop to write this. I'll see you guys sometime.


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2012-10-14 10:46:45

okay then


2012-10-13 15:58:59

well, that's bad :/
which were your pc stats?

GrudgyGrunt responds:

All I know is that it's a computer, that's all i know.


2012-10-13 09:58:42

My god.. I hope you can get a new and better computer soon!


2012-10-13 09:14:03

Looks like CPU is burned out because of broken cooler or power supply is fucked up because of faulty wiring, iunno, but I agree with SL4Y3Rftw, you should test all your hardware. Your computer is 50% dead


2012-10-13 09:12:12

thats sad


2012-10-13 08:56:05

I think you should beg your mother for a new computer so that you won't be able to go outside and your social skills can further atrophy with the rest of us here.


2012-10-13 08:40:37

Sounds like you were a victim of faulty wiring, unfortunately once that stuff starts happening (depending on the cable) it can really screw your hardware, I would suggest before you go getting another computer, go through and test all your hardware separately and find out whats no longer usable and whats still working, my guess would be your GFX card(s), Hard drive(s), Optical drive(s) and maybe CPU are still functional. And your Motherboard, RAM, and Power supply are completely fucked :(

and once you get a new comp, make sure you clean it every few months (from dust), and I would check the cables (when the computer is running) to see if they are hot(maybe once a week?), because the cables at the back of your computer should never be hot, ever.