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2012-11-24 17:31:05 by GrudgyGrunt

I've been working on some frame by frame drawn animations and the most recently one is Portal 2 related, I also have two CC animations and a Music video going on. But since this isn't the best animation computer my Music video has already started screwing up, at the frame of five hundred. I've been playing TF2 lately too and luckily the computer can handle it at excellent speed (Except for the occasional ping going through the roof). But unfortunately SFM doesn't work for some reason so I'll leave you with a screeny from my Portal thingie.

Current works


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2012-11-27 12:00:19

Why is that?

GrudgyGrunt responds:

Why is what? Why is it that my computer cant handle Flash? Why is it that I've got so many projects, why is it that it's portal 2 or why is it that SFM wont work?