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Merry christmas

12/26/12 by GrudgyGrunt
Updated 12/26/12

Merry christmas everybody. However it doesn't look like christmas, there's not snow over here but a few ice pieces scattered around. So what did you guys get for christmas? I got two T-shirts with custom pictures I drew and some money of which I spent half on Steam funds to buy stuff in Team Fortress 2.

I have been playing TF2 for the most and animated/drawn very little but I'll get some works out. I also recorded myself animating madness using Camtasia 8, I've tried to submit it to youtube but it says it cant support the audio format or something related to that.


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Nope, its not mine, but i have just 1 zephenia's greed painted bills



Happy new year!

1/3/13 GrudgyGrunt responds:

Hppy new year

hey look
BILLS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1/3/13 GrudgyGrunt responds:


hahahahah yeah its expensive
but it was on offer
so i bought it
it was one of the some times those expensive games get offers
so i taked it
why i cant add you as a friend? it says me error

hey grudgy, accept my steam request, i am the Grim

well, i got skyrim from steam
and some tf2 stuff too
also, a friend gifted me Metro2033
thnks for questioning

12/29/12 GrudgyGrunt responds:

You bought skyrim? But that's like 60 euros, I just downloaded it considering it's a single player game.



I got halo 4.

12/27/12 GrudgyGrunt responds:

Cool, I myself have never played halo. Have fun.

I got an Xbox. But it doesn't work. D:
Also I don't have snow either. Which sucks.

12/26/12 GrudgyGrunt responds:

You got an Xbox that doesn't work? Well atleast it'll be a nice decoration :p



Merry christmas GrudgyGrunt

12/26/12 GrudgyGrunt responds:

Merry christmas Mr. Scrooge