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TF2 replay ability

2013-01-10 01:28:47 by GrudgyGrunt

I decided to try out the TF2 replay ability again and submitted it, it's just something tiny for trying out the replay action.

What do you think?

Edit: I finally managed to put out my two artworks starring my Engineer and Heavy. Newgrounds is a bitch when it comes to submitting stuff.


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2013-01-15 12:04:50

hey, could you make an art from pyro? but i mean, my pyro, if you want i can give you my photo of pyro (because is the class that i love, also soldirr dn scouut) with his hats and miscs
i tell you this because i see your drawings are amazing and have so much realism, instead of me, that are more kind of toonish
but only if you want, this is not an obligation
but please, an art for me, for my profile image (ill put credits to you)
i love your heavy profile image


2013-01-11 01:43:31

also, nice sniper youve got there, he's like luigi, because the color i mean

GrudgyGrunt responds:



2013-01-11 01:42:20

i like that looks good...
check out my tf2 funny moments compilation

GrudgyGrunt responds:

It's a replay so I'm not responsible for the quality.


2013-01-10 10:14:43

I like the snipers fashion sense :p

GrudgyGrunt responds:

Killer exclusive + Villains veil + Teufort tooth kickers all colored lime c:


2013-01-10 01:42:50

Two thumbs up :D

GrudgyGrunt responds: