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Making avatars

2013-01-17 17:11:10 by GrudgyGrunt

So I've been drawing the classes of Team Fortress 2 a whole lot lately, and some guys wanted me to make avatars and other pictures for them and in return I recieve refined metal (TF2 currency).

So if anyone out there would like a portrait of your own character or anything else I'm available.

I also submitted two artworks starring the Heavy and Engineer.


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2013-01-18 09:46:40

dont's forget to pay him well
his drawings are excelent
you must pay him in a good way


2013-01-17 21:24:17

oh, em, sorry by the language, i only use the tf2 voices on english, the rest is my language
but i guess youll know which weps are there
yes, i dont need to doubt lol


2013-01-17 21:22:53 e8ffda74892b6b3b23e091
here's my pyro
thank you my swedish pal