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2/18/13 by GrudgyGrunt

Oh wow, three weeks? That ought of be a record of mine. I remember when I was working on a project or so and I couldn't wait to release screenies each day. Well I havent given that up, I'm still working on several projects that are basically just made to practice and not surely to be completed.

I had also given up on TF2 momentarily as because of multiple things (I'll get back to it later) and started playing Warcraft 3 and World of warcraft again.



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Daft Punk huh?

is TF2 good I'm getting it i thing

5/1/13 GrudgyGrunt responds:

It's literally the best game of my life, I have been playing it for 2 years I think and I havent stopped, I've taken breaks but never stopped.
When I join a server, I dont leave when the other team becomes inferior, I stay on the server for hours not even knowing about it.

You may not be allowed to spend money to buy hats, but you will.

It's also free... the first 2 weeks. But you'll buy hats.. you will...

wootey hootey lootey

Make a new god damn post already

4/30/13 GrudgyGrunt responds:

No, the future frightens me.

Do you have a tumblr?

you gotta play dota

2/21/13 GrudgyGrunt responds:

I have, ages ago when it was only a minor mod of WC3. Didn't like it then and dont like it now.